LS2 Pumping Units

Lone Star Artificial Lift Systems Introduces Its Next Generation Of Beam Pumping Unit, The LS2


The LS2 pumping unit has adopted the most reliable features that the market has come to expect for longest operating life and safest operation. Leveraging components that are common to other pumping unit brands, the LS2 enables operators to tap into the vast service and parts network of service companies throughout the world who are familiar with their maintenance, repair, and installation.


LS2 features include:

  • Involute Gear Reducers
  • Center Bearing Assembly with Railroad Bearings
  • Hinge-pin style Tail Bearing Assembly
  • Crank arms with permanent tapered inserts (no keyway)


These features are incorporated into LS2 Conventional and Enhanced Geometry (RM) pumping units. Also new to the Lone Star pumping unit line is Lone Star’s Low Profile pumping unit primarily used in agricultural areas with center pivot irrigation systems.


Lone Star Catalog 2021 LS2