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Lone Star Premium Involute Forged Gear Reducer

Strong, Quiet, API

Though tens of thousands of DCA gear reducers have been sold in the USA for 30 years (and continue to be sold), the DCA tooth form is not currently included in the AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) specifications, and because API adopts the AGMA specs, DCA gear reducers do not carry the API monogram.


For companies that require the API monogram on their gear reducers, Lone Star offers the Premium Involute Gear Reducer with the API monograms of our factories. Our Premium Involute includes the same involute forged steel (hardened and ground) high-speed reduction as our Premium Hybrid Gear Reducer. The low speed reduction is also involute gears.


Lone Star Premium Hybrid Forged Gear Reducer

The Strongest, Most Durable
Our Premium Hybrid Gear Reducer is the strongest, most durable gear reducer made in China. The American/Chinese development of this gear reducer resulted in the award of a US Patent in September 2014.


Lone Star has developed the highest strength, highest durability gear reducer made in China. Lone Star calls this the Premium Hybrid or just the “Premium” gear reducer. The Lone Star Premium gear reducer combines the best features of DCA (strength/durability) with the best features of involute (quiet operation) while using better materials and machining processes, resulting in the best pumping unit gear reducer made in the industry.


To achieve quieter operation, Lone Star utilizes involute gears in the high speed reduction. To overcome any potential strength reduction by using involute gears, Lone Star uses high speed gears made of forged steel rather than cast iron or cast steel. Forged steel gears are uncommon in this industry. This involute gear train is then extra-hardened to over HB 400 (over HB100 greater than our competitors’ involute gears). The extra-hardened forged involute gears are too hard to be cut with standard gear hobber tooling. Therefore, the gear teeth are formed by high precision grinders which give the high speed gear teeth a polished finished. Grinding pumping unit gears is unheard of in this industry. Grinding gears is the process used to make precision gears such as automobile transmissions. The grinded and polished forged high speed gear teeth are stronger and quieter-running than either the LS standard DCA gear reducer or the fully involute gear reducers made in China (see chart below). The strength of the low speed reduction remains the same as with the standard LS DCA gear reducer, using a forged steel DCA pinion and a nodular cast iron DCA gear.


Lone Star ALS Premium 5-Year Warranty Gear Reducers


Lone Star ALS Premium gear reducers include gears constructed using high alloy forged steel gear blanks, instead of standard cast steel. Gears are cut with a 2-step process of rough cut – heat treat – finish cut, insuring deep penetration of the heat treatment process deep within the gear tooth root. Both Lone Star Premium gear reducers carry a 5-year “no questions asked” warranty.


Standard DCA

The “Workhorse”
Our Standard DCA Gear Reducer touts strength that is comparable to our other gear reducers and is considered “The Workhorse”.

The proven DCA gear tooth design has been used in pumping unit gear reducers in the United States for 30 years. The two points of contact in the DCA tooth design provide advantages of increased tooth-pitting resistance and increased bending strength. These advantages result in increased average torque capacity of 35% over API nameplate ratings.


Other features of all our designs include:

  • Larger bearings for longer life for the gearbox
  • Dual high-speed gears and pinions for balanced loading
  • Splash system and oil troughs to distribute lubricating oil to the bearings and gears as well as low SPM lubrication system
  • Roller bearings instead of bushing.
  • Split gearbox lid for easy servicing in the field.


Download the Lone Star Premium Gear Reducer PDF