Lone Star Artificial Lift Systems, LLC was formed in September 2013. Its members came from the senior management, technical, and sales personnel formerly with LS Petrochem Equipment Corp. Lone Star ALS is 100% US-owned and maintains an exclusive manufacturing relationship with the Jiangsu Sinopetro Superbskill Manufacturing Company (API 11E-0093).


Lone Star ALS was established so that advanced product development could continue with the Jiangsu factory enabling Lone Star ALS to sell the patented Premium Hybrid Gear Reducer . . . the strongest, most durable pumping unit gear reducer made in China.


Lone Star ALS’s history is the continuation of the history that began as the LS Group in China.


In 1953, the Lanzhou Petroleum & Chemical Machinery Works (LPCMW) was established, specializing in the manufacturing of oil drilling and production machinery. LS, short for Lan-Shi or Lanzhou Petroleum, is the short name of LPCMW and became the identifying brand for LS products.



In order to become more competitive in international markets, technology was purchased in the mid 1970s from United States’ National Corporation. Part of this purchase included the pumping unit designs that led directly to the general appearance of Lone Star’s current pumping unit.


Our first pumping units were exported to the United States under the brand names NPS and HEC during the oil crisis in the late 1970s. Even after thirty years, nearly a thousand NPS and HEC pumping units are still in operation.



In 1985, Darco, a U.S. corporation, was awarded marketing rights to the LS pumping unit and the brand name was changed to Darco LS. Four years later, LS established LS Trading Corp. in Walnut, CA, to better serve customers internationally.



Expansion was dramatic during the 1990s, from opening new markets and expanding pumping unit sales into South America, Africa, and the Middle East.


During this time, LS introduced the western world to Double Circular Arc gears, its most innovative technology to date, getting the attention of prominent gear experts around the world.


The DCA’s innovative gear teeth used in LS pumping units enable more efficient tooth-to-tooth load transmission within the gearbox and allow for greater gearbox torque capacity versus the same-size involute tooth gear reducers.

In 1998, LS Trading was renamed LS Petrochem Equipment Corp. and the LS pumping unit was finally rebranded to its original name, the LS Pumpjack.



LS continued to take a technology leadership role in the pumping unit market in the early 2000s, when they introduced Enhanced Geometry (RM) pumping units to compete against API Class III geometry pumping units. By the 50th anniversary of LS Petrochem in 2003, rising oil prices created a growth market that boosted sales and enabled the company to rapidly expand its manufacturing capacity.


2013 to present

Key personnel from LS formed Lone Star Artificial Lift Systems, LLC offering complete system packages for artificial lift systems. Lone Star pioneers the US market entry of the Premium Hybrid gear reducer, the most durable and quietest-running gear reducer made in China. In 2014, the gear reducer technology was awarded a US Patent for exclusive use on Lone Star ALS pumping units.